Women Art Collectors and Entrepreneurs are the future of the Fine Arts market

Bank of America’s US Trust branch recently published a study that points out women as the growing force of the Fine Arts market. More and more women become Art Collectors but also entrepreneurs, changing the future of the Fine Arts market.

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Meet Virginie Tison, Founder of Art-Trope, the New Generation of Artists Agency

Being a contemporary Artist requires many sacrifices with no certainty of reaching the top of the ladder someday. Low incomes, difficulties to approach exhibition spaces, the necessity to control one’s image on social media, millions of Artists lack of resources to succeed. Even the ones who do succeed by exhibiting in different museums and galleries and by selling their Artworks to auctions and important Collectors are found generally and increasingly outside of the Fine Arts market. Virginie Tison, who also was an independent painter during many years both in Paris and New York City, was confronted to such difficulties. After 8 years of dedicated experience, research and experimentation in the Fine Arts market in New York and Paris, Virginie Tison founded Art-Trope, the New Generation of Artists Agency that provides worldwide Artists with quality services adapted to their needs to master and develop their international artistic career on the long-term. In doing so, Art-Trope also makes sure Collectors secure their investment and buy Art they love.

Painting was my life and Art-Trope took its place naturally as the unique solution for Artists who wish to live from their Artwork. I know nothing else that solves the problems of international artistic career management in a long-term” says Virginie Tison.

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